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Spring 2022

Spring Dryland 2022

Pinnacle is excited to be starting our 2nd year with 2SP.  2SP has designed a ski specific program for Pinnacle racers. This year's program will be slightly different than last year's program at 2SP as we have had the opportunity to gather more data and learn our athletes.

Spring dryland should be treated as a "spring sport". Consistency and best effort is expected if you are going to participate in spring dryland.

Pinnacle supports multi-sport athletes, especially through the age of 15. Many racers on the US Ski team could have played in a sport other than skiing at a very high level. Skiers in general are usually good athletes, and not one dimensional athletes.  This comes through practice. We encourage our younger athletes to be involved in sports other than skiing in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

If you are a 1st year u14 or younger, it is expected that you are playing a sport for your school, club or rec league.  If playing a Varsity sport this spring, that sport deserves your attention and effort right now. Pinnacle expects the same once we hit the snow. Depending on the sport being played, there might be some supplemental workouts Pinnacle can provide.

2nd Year u14 and Older Dryland (2023 Season)

2nd year u14 and older athletes will workout at 2SP up to 3 days per week. 2SP allows our athletes access to a premier fitness facility and professional sports performance coaching. The program has been designed specifically for our sport and upcoming season. It is important that we prepare our bodies to reduce the risk of injury and support physical performance on the hill.

Days and Times
Starting April 25
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
3:30 - 5:00pm Session #1
5:00 - 6:30pm Session #2

There will be some Saturday workouts added that will be done in person. but also have the availability to be done remotely on your own.

1st Year u14 and Younger Athletes

We do not have spring dryland scheduled as you should be playing a spring sport. Not Limited to: Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Golf, Track (200 - 1600m events), soccer.

During the Summer we will start to add some mountain biking and skating sessions that can be attended while playing other sports.

In the early fall we will start up more formal dryland practices that we get our racers primed for the upcoming ski season.



When deciding to participate in Pinnacle dryland, please keep in mind that your CONSISTENCY of attendance is of upmost importance for this plan to work for athletes and coaches.  We believe CONSISTENCY is important to each athlete so they can benefit from our carefully planned strengthening and conditioning experience.

Inconsistency may be reason for removal from future dryland practices. Not maintaining 80% attendance rate is grounds for removal. Removal from dryland can result in removal from camps and the program with no refund.