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Frequently Asked Questions

Jr. Development Frequently Asked Questions

To be a member of Pinnacle you must sign up for Pinnacle and U.S. Ski. You may sign up for Pinnacle first,  and then sign up for U.S. Ski afterwards to make sure that you have a spot in Pinnacle prior to signing up for US Ski. 

What happens if it rains all of December?

In the case of multiple missed training days due to weather, we may add double sessions on Saturdays and/or extra sessions at the end of the year. In special cases, we may add a mid-week training.

If I am signed up to train on Tuesday and Saturday, but cannot make Saturday because of a personal reason, can I show up to a Wednesday practice?

No. It is common for ALL Pinnacle athletes to miss practices throughout the season for various reasons.  

If I am in Devo can I attend a “U.S. Ski Race”?

Yes. There will be an extra cost associated with this as the programs are run very differently. This is to be used on a trial basis not over multiple years. The racer will be responsible for having the proper license (Short Term or Competitors), and any race and lift ticket fees. Pinnacle will have an extra fee of $50 for up to 6 Days in a season a Devo member can try a US Ski race. These races should be identified and communicated with coaches as we near the season. Note: U.S. Ski races do not affect eligibility in Sunday Races Series races, but there are some JDT races that restrict U.S. Ski competitors.

If I am in a program that ends its training early in the season can I still attend JDT races that happen after? 

Yes, there are up to three days that will be supported after the end of the "Red" Season.

Refunds Due to Weather:

We will do our best to make up some practices at the end of the year. It is typical to have a night or two to be canceled due to weather. If an extensive number of days are missed, we will do our best to make them up at the end of the year. Or look to our board for assistance.

Covid/Pandemic Policies

Alpine Valley Programs

Red (14 max) : 11+ Practices No Refund, 7 – 10 25% Refund, 3 – 9 50% Refund, 0 – 2 Full refund minus $100

3 Day (32 max): 25+ Practices No Refund, 16 – 24 25% Refund, 4 – 15  50% Refund, 0-3 Full refund minus $100

2 Day (20 max): 16+ Practices No Refund, 10 – 15 25% Refund, 4 – 14 50% Refund, 0-3 Full refund minus $100

Pine Knob/Mt. Holly Programs

Green: 16 – 33 Practices 25% Refund, 4 – 15 Practices 50% Refund, 0 – 3 full refund minus $100

Orange and Blue: 11 – 17 Practices 25% Refund, 4 – 10 50% Refund, 0 – 3 Full refund minus $100.

No refund on add on packages

- Practices refer to on-snow programming

- Refunds initiated after March 15th, 2022

- No refunds given for cancellation of Jr. Race races

- No refunds given for necessary, temporary removal of an athlete for a positive Covid-19 test, or proximity to positive case