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Parent Meeting Notes

By DD, 01/15/19, 7:45AM EST


Mid Season Meeting u14/16/19 Meeting


  • Athlete Schedules

A lot of time has been put into our programing, so it is important to take advantage of when we schedule rest and when we do not have rest scheduled. It is easy to want to modify based on emotions (that is why we schedule in the fall). We feel we have a laid our a very good schedule.


  • Eastern High School Qualifiers
    • Shelly Glover, Marquette, MI – January 18 – 20
    • Boyne Mountain, MI – January 26 -27
    • Can qualify on USSA points as well
  • Rocky Central Qualifier
    • Marquette Mountain – February 22-24
      • SG
      • GS
      • SL            

Please note: Qualifying standards has changed from previous years.

  • Searchmont Camp
    • U14 – January 19-20
    • All Pinnacle U Programs– February 8-10


  • Speed skis
    • U16 SG skis 183 cm (min) and 30M radius (min)
    • U 14 SC skis no rule on length, must be 17M radius as minimum
    • Need to get athletes that don’t have SG skis on club equipment – there are a limited number of pairs for use

Pinnacle does not provide speed skis for all club members. We have a limited number of speed skis to share with members. If you are borrowing a pair of club skis, remember this is a benefit. It is expected that all club speed skis are tuned at the Ski Company and skis should be tuned at the Ski Company prior to returning to the club.

  • Weather and resorts
    • Need to be flexible with weather impacts
    • Some northern areas are lacking snow making


  • Rest and Health
    • Busy 6 weeks coming up
    • Need to make sure athletes get proper rest
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Maintain some level of fitness routine off the ski hill
  • Equipment questions
    • Ask your coaches what they might recommend


It is truly special what our club offers in training. Consider the acreage given to our club to train, snow quality, and  also the early morning sessions. This all can be taken away very quickly! We need to make sure we represent our club well in the lodge and all places we travel.  Resort staff is watching very close.

Early Morning Guidelines:

  • No Lodge Access until open to the general public (even if doors are open)
  • No Skiing from lodge to Pinnacle Building without a coach.  A coach will meet racers just out side of patrol. If you arrive late, you need to be dropped at the Pinnacle building.
  • There is no skiing outside of the race hill!
  • Pack a snack and water