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Safesport what you need to know...

By DD, 12/11/18, 8:45PM EST


How safe sport effects Pinnacle

Safesport is an initiative from the Safe Sport Act of 2017. That requires all adults to take a mandatory reporters training.  U.S. Ski and Snowboard requires all adults who will interact with youth to be SafeSport Certified, this includes; Coaches, Boardmembers, Officials, and Club Volunteers.

What does this mean for our club?

  • It appears the region is only going to require licensed officials to have safe sport training. As of right now the region will let you volunteer (gatekeep, course maintenance, etc) without certification. 
  • Our Club Requires all licensed officials, coaches, and board members to hold Safesport training. We are looking into future activities that will require training so that we stay in compliance. 
  • As a parent/volunteer within our club it is recommended that you become safe sport certified so that you do not miss out on a future opportunity to volunteer for an event.  This could become a requirement in the near future. 


More information can be found at: