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u16 and Older Dryland Details

By DD, 09/14/19, 12:45PM EDT


Dryland for u16 and older athletes


U16 and older athletes are expected to make Tuesday and Thursday dryland practices unless they have discussed with Coach Derek and are in a Fall sport.  

Make sure to double-check the calendar for times, as well as any schedule changes.

Tuesday and Thursday practices will include:

  • Knee injury prevention (designed and run by Mike Perkins, a local physical therapist working with us this Fall)
  • Speed and agility work
  • Conditioning
  • Core and flexibility



If athletes are consistently making Tuesday and Thursday practices, there is also a 3 day-per week lifting program offered. (Lifting-only program is NOT an option.) This is not required but highly recommended for those who are attending Tuesday/Thursday practice.

It is expected that athletes attend at least 2 of the 3 days lifting sessions per week. If unable to attend one of the sessions in a given week, there will be access to a gym to complete the missed workout.

Given the importance of consistency for injury prevention and muscular growth, athletes who do not maintain 66% completion of workouts will not be eligible to continue with the lifting program. Please talk to Coach Derek if you have any questions about this.

Check the calendar for scheduling. When A/B/C sessions are listed, athletes only need to attend ONE of the options, not all 3. Example:

Monday (Day 1): Pick session A or B

Wednesday (Day 2): Pick Session A or B

Thursday/Friday (Day 3): Pick A, B, or C