2018 Eastern High School Championships

11 girls and 6 boys represented the State of Michigan at the 36th annual Eastern High School Championships held at the Mittersill race venue at Cannon Mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire the weekend of March 9 thru 11.  This was the first time Michigan has been represented at the Championships.  247 racers from 12 states east of the Mississippi River participated.  States teams can consist of 12 boys and 12 girls.  Our Michigan girls placed 5th and the boys placed 10th.  Winning times for 2 runs each, Girls SL, 1:22.4, GS, 2:29.6, Boys SL, 1:14.89, GS, 2:25.1.

Slalom and Giant Slalom races were held on the same Mittersill slopes as the 2017 NCAA alpine championships.  The courses proved to be very challenging due to their length and the 12-16 inches of new snow that fell on Wednesday prior to the races.  Training was limited as many racers did not arrive until Thursday due to the N’easter that cancelled flights to the east coast and challenged those who drove.

Kelly Brush was the featured speaker at the Saturday night banquet.  The Kelly Brush Foundation is dedicated to improving ski racing safety and making active lifestyles a reality for those who have experienced a spinal cord injury.

Racers that represented Michigan were; Natalie Uhazie, Lindsey Thelen, Chloe Swanson, Sadah Scheidt, Kayley Reynolds, Katelyn Kozole, Taylor Hines, Annabel Geissbuhler, Maddy Fuhrman, Karsen Ford and Katie Bayley.  The boys were represented by; Noah Kelly, Cooper Kerkhof, Ryan Spencer, Andrew Tyrell, Max Wiedemann and Joey Warsecke.  Derek Delzer, Jeff Ford and John Kerkhof coached the athletes.

The EHSC was created in 1983 to introduce high school racers to USSA sanctioned racing while preserving the team competition that is the hallmark of high school racing.

The 2019 Championships will be held March 8-10 at the Attitash Mountain Resort in Bartlett, New Hampshire (www.attitash.com).

Team Michigan Parent Pictures

Vermont Coach Pictures

Hello Ski Coaches,

I am a Team Vermont parent who takes pictures of our High School ski racers and posts them on our site at smugmug.com.  I was at the Mittersil venue Saturday and Sunday and have both runs of GS, over 6,000 pictures.  To make it easier to find your athletes I have added a title to each image with the first and last initial of the athlete and the state’s initials (with exception of Team MDV which is “MDV”).  So if you use the Smug Mug Search box on the site within the “HS Racing” folder and put in your athletes’s initials you will get their pictures (and perhaps some other EHSC athletes with the same initials).  If you enter your state’s initials then you will see all of the team.
Full resolution downloads are 99 cents and available under the “Buy Photos” tab along with prints and other goods SmugMug offers.
Thank you for having a look and passing this on to your families.  The links are below including one for USSA races in Vermont for this age group.

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We will utilize remind (text based system) to communicate at the championships. Please subscribe:

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